Energy-neutral car park in Amsterdam

In 2020, Q-Park Netherlands opened the greenest car park in Amsterdam. The car park is located in a newly developed residential area in the eastern part of the city. The car park plays a central role in making the new neighbourhood a low-traffic zone because there are no on-street parking spaces. The 704 spaces are used by visitors and residents.

With a roof full of solar panels, the car park generates enough electricity to be energy neutral. Any excess green electricity is used to power the 30 EV charging points. Succulent sedum plants cover the remaining roof to buffer rainfall.

Solar panels on the roof

Stronger together

This parking facility is another example of how Q-Park collaborates with project developers, constructors and investors. Q-Park Oostenburg is a joint venture between developer/constructor Ten Brinke, investor Holland Immo Group and Q-Park providing car parking expertise in the design and operational phases.