Temporary construction

Q-Park and Aan de Stegge Twello B.V. are collaborating on another parking facility in Venlo: a temporary car park designed by MH1 architects in collaboration with Continental Car Parks. 

Despite the temporary nature of the car park, the plans are for a high-quality structure that blends in perfectly with the local landscape. Circular building materials will include:

  • high-quality and durable galvanised steel;

  • TT floor slabs;

  • wooden slats to shield parked cars from view.

Circular design

The temporary parking facility will be fully dismantlable and suitable for rebuilding at another location in due course.

This parking system, the Flexideck, a Continental Car Parks innovation, scores high in a cradle-to-cradle context because most of the materials can be reused.

The construction of the parking facility in Venlo will take about four months, construction work will begin in January 2021.