We aim to comply with national and European laws and regulations applicable to our industry. We are also averse to the risk of non-compliance with our own codes, contractual agreements, and covenants.

A compliance function is in place to define and implement the Q-Park Compliance Programme. A clear governance structure has been implemented to ensure that legislation, internal norms and guidelines are being respected on a continuous basis.

With external support using best practices related to our sector and a ‘Risk / Compliance Universe Model’ as reference, periodical risk assessment is performed to identify most relevant compliance areas, related challenges and risks.


  • In 2020 a lot of attention had been paid by dedicated teams to further mitigate risks related to the compliance areas ‘Cyber Security’, ‘Privacy’ and ‘Ethics & Integrity’.

  • Training programmes have been implemented for these compliance areas to increase risk awareness and act accordingly.

One of their focus areas is cyber security - the sixth most material topic in the context of our sustainability impact.