Rejuvenating Antwerp's docklands

Q-Park Belgium opened the prestigious Q-Park Steendok car park on 3 December 2020. This car park is part of a larger development including a park and another underground car park (Q-Park Kooldok), planned for opening Spring 2022.

Added value for Antwerp

This new underground parking facility is part of a larger plan adding value to the city of Antwerp and is:

  • reshaping disused docklands;

  • repurposing public space;

  • creating considerable parking capacity.

The spacious car park with room for about 1,000 cars and 125 bicycles is built within the walls of the former dock. A historical dock wall has been preserved and is visible on level -1.

The new parking facility will help rejuvenate the southern part of Antwerp which is home to museums, art galleries and trendy restaurants.

The car park also provides safe, secure and economic parking solutions for residents.

Customer friendly car park

All four underground levels have spaces for people with reduced mobility close to the pedestrian exits. EV charging is available on all levels and the bicycle parking area includes facilities for e-bike charging.

Each parking level has its own 'Antwerp icon' to help visitors remember where they have parked. The icons show aspects Antwerp is famous for:

  • Level -1: Diamond (Antwerp Diamond District)

  • Level -2: Hand (Souvenir biscuits and chocolates)

  • Level -3: Boat (Reference to Antwerp harbour)

  • Level -4: Rubens (Sir Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish artist and diplomat).

Figure 4 Bespoke Antwerp icons per parking level

Customers feel safe and secure thanks to:

  • optimised energy-saving LED lighting;

  • transparent pedestrian areas and entrances;

  • many glass features including glass lift doors;

  • light and open staircases.

Figure 5 Pedestrian access/exit point near FOMU (Foto Museum)