We aim to create value through co-creating partnerships, growing our asset portfolio, our performance and our sales channels.

Co-creation contributes to the material topics: digitisation, economic performance and partnerships.

Partnerships are vital

Strategic partnerships in which we pursue a form of agreement with mutually beneficial goals are important to our business. Naturally, we depend on the willingness of the other party to collaborate and achieve the desired results. For this reason we have defined partnership objectives to guide us.

Mobility Partners

Parking Payment Service Providers (PPSPs)

We work together with parking payment service providers (PPSPs) who want to combine their on-street parking and payment solutions with off-street parking, enabling their customers to:

  • park with the PPSP mobile app of their choice;

  • receive an overview of their parking transactions;

  • pay immediately or make a single payment at the end of the month.

Purpose Partners

Purpose Partners

We have developed parking deals for Purpose Partners, allowing them to share a bespoke URL with their customers which contains a relevant parking offer. This is a great solution for hotels and restaurants, cities and cinemas, offices and sports clubs, and whoever wishes to offer a parking deal to their customers without any hassle (digitally, operationally or administratively).

  • Customers pre-book with and pay Q-Park.

  • Purpose Partners focus on their business while increasing customer satisfaction levels by offering convenient and often economic parking.

We have also developed the Q-Park Event Management Portal, enabling event organisers and event locations to offer parking. A great option if you need a customised solution.

Other partnerships

Mobility hubs

In the Netherlands, Q-Park has a co-creation solution with the NS, the national railway operator. Q-Park manages the Park+Ride car parks at train stations and enables NS Business Card holders to use their public transport card for parking as well.


We co-create with public and private landlords to provide underground bicycle parking and infrastructure solutions, to unlock existing parking capacity, to create urban parks, to free-up town squares and enable safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists above ground.

By partnering with other organisations in the mobility chain we are contributing to SDG 9.