Transform and renovate

Chartres Republique Before and After

Q-Park France has been working with Chartres Métropole to expand city centre parking capacity. Using our business intelligence, calculation tools and experience, we helped Chartres form an intelligent vision for urban mobility. This has resulted in sustainable plans for the parking capacity required to serve Chartres city centre and central station area.

Mobility partner

To meet this increased demand, Chartres Métropole made socially and financially responsible choices by commissioning two projects from Q-Park:

  1. transform and renovate a dated private car park (originally built in 1979) to a publicly accessible parking facility with 577 parking spaces;
  2. resize the new build for Chartres Gare from 1,500 to 1,090 parking spaces, a considerable saving for the municipality.
Chartres République, station, transport hub

Q-Park République, as the transformed parking facility is known, is within walking distance of the main attractions in the city centre and it is close enough to the train station to serve as a public transport hub.

Transformation from private to public

Transforming a private car park to a publicly accessible parking facility is a smart use of resources; it is affordable and sustainable. This project has optimised existing parking capacity with minimal environmental impact.

Q-Park is committed to sustainable development. So renovating an existing structure and transforming it from a private car park to a public parking facility fits in well with our ethos.

Short lead time, lower costs

The lead time from drawing board to opening was approximately 12 months (not counting some delays due to the coronavirus pandemic). Usually, it would take two or more years to construct an underground car park of this size.

The transformation project has proven to be very cost effective. The cost per parking space worked out to be considerably less than the cost per parking space for a new construction.

Modern & Compliant

The refurbished structure is modern and compliant. We have not compromised our quality promise anywhere in the process. The existing structure with four underground levels has been fully upgraded and fitted with all the modern equipment and technology our customers and partners have come to expect.

Quality & Safety

The transformation included safety features for pedestrians as well as motorists, they include:

  • clear floor markings for pedestrians;
  • clear lines of sight and glass partitioning;
  • good lighting in pedestrian areas;
  • glass doors and glass fronted lifts.

The car park also has 20 secure spaces for bicycle parking and 10 spaces for motorbikes.

Chartres République, transparent, glass, pedestrian area
Chartres République, transparent, glass, wide pedestrian stairs

Q-Park signature features

In addition to safety features for pedestrians, the transformed car park offers motorists every convenience. The car park is equipped with Q-Park’s latest PaSS (Parking as a Smart Service) technology which enables pre-booking, contactless access and exit using ANPR and an e-validation system to enable local businesses to reimburse their customers' parking expenses.

Q-Park République, Chartres, entrance, exit, PMS, barrier

Customers can contact Q-Park customer service (QCR) 24/7 using the call buttons on the barrier and payment machines.

QCR France