Smart contracts

We deploy smart contracts to capture value for our stakeholders. This contributes to two of the topics considered most material in our 2020 Materiality Analysis.

We capture value for public and private landlords by offering a range of contract types and value propositions.

We operate parking facilities that we own, have in concession, lease, or have under a management contract.

We also have control fee contracts in our portfolio, ensuring that parking capacity is used according to set rules and regulations.


Of the 3,076 contracts in our portfolio, 1,005 (32.7%) parking facilities are purpose-built:

  • 689 (68.6%) owned, concession or long-leased

  • 107 (10.6%) short-leased

  • 209 (20.8%) managed.

Of the 571,166 parking spaces in our portfolio, 472,058 (82.6%) are purpose-built:

  • 286,870 (60.8%) owned, concession or long-leased

  • 36,873 (7.8%) short-leased

  • 148,315 (31.4%) managed.